American Carbonyl was borne out of the need for US based supplier of Iron Pentacarbonyl and Carbonyl Iron Powders. These materials are critical to daily life as they are used across industries for catalyst, coatings, and many other applications.

American Carbonyl is the sole domestic producer of Carbonyl Iron and Iron Pentacarbonyl and is led by Alexander Grous, a former Dixie Chemical Company executive. We are located at the historic Red Stone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, where we are proud to continue manufacturing operations that were founded in the 1940’s.

Our History



Carbonyl Iron Powder is invented


Manufacturing of CIP begins in the US


CIP manufacturing assets start production in Huntsville


General Aniline and Film (GAF) assets are transferred to International Specialty Products (ISP)


Ashland Chemical acquires ISP


American Carbonyl (AC) is created


AC acquires CIP assets from Ashland

Our Vision

American Carbonyl’s vision is to be the premier producer of Carbonyl Iron Powder and IPC in North America. We strive to be the trusted partner for our customers, helping them to achieve their goals and drive technological advances in their industries.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality carbonyl iron products that meet the diverse needs of our customers and contribute to the advancement of industries worldwide. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, and strive to deliver exceptional service and support to our customers. We are committed to conducting our business ethically and sustainably, with a focus on safety and the well-being of our employees, customers, and the environment.

Our Security of Supply

At American Carbonyl, we understand that our customers rely on a consistent and secure supply of Carbonyl Iron Powder and IPC to meet their production needs. As North America’s sole producer, we are committed to always ensuring the availability and reliability of our products. To achieve this, we have implemented a number of measures including diversifying our supplier base, maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers and partners, and regularly reviewing and testing our supply chain processes. We also have contingency plans in place to minimize the impact of any potential disruptions. We are dedicated to continuously improving our supply chain management practices and to being a reliable partner for our customers.

Our Quality Statement

At American Carbonyl, we are committed to delivering high-quality carbonyl iron products that meet the diverse needs of our customers. We achieve this through our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation, our strict quality control measures, and our commitment to using only the best raw materials and advanced production techniques. We are also committed to meeting all relevant industry standards and regulations, and to ensuring the safety and reliability of our products. Our goal is to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers and be a trusted partner for their metal powder needs.

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